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101 Things in 1001 Days: 30 Day Goals

Friday, June 30, 2006

30 Day Goals

Okay. So yesterday I tried to do up the top button of my jeans and it was a bit of a struggle getting the two ends to hug each other and then today, a button on my skirt popped off. Hmm, I think I am being told something here, and I’m listening. Hard.

I have put the weight I lost in January (I did a 30 day detox with my hubby) back on again. Not good. I do not feel svelte and ‘like a slip of a girl’ anymore. I feel heavy, slow and the spots on my face are beginning to drive me crazy. And I know exactly what went wrong – too much bread, late meals and unhealthy food choices. So, as July rolls in what better time to make a few drastic lifestyle/diet changes?

Now it’s time to implement some of the 30 Day Goals in my 101 list (see peek-a-boo in side bar). For 30 days of July I am going to …

Go on a detox. This means no tea, butter, white bread, sugar, white rice, wheat, palm oil etc. I am going to be having lots of fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, water and herbal teas, honey will replace sugar, red meat will be cut down and more fish will be consumed instead. Cooking methods will include grilling, steaming or broiling – nothing fried. In addition, nothing – I mean this – NOTHING shall pass my lips after 7 p.m.  In preparation, I am going to go mad tonight with a mug of hot chocolate and some jam and apple lattices with cream.  Heeheehee.

Keep a gratitude journal – I have always wanted to do this and in the past I have but after a few days I forget to make an entry and then another and then another and finally I forget. But this time, I mean to do this each day for 30 days after which it should have become a habit.

Drink only water and herbal teas – explained above.

Put an entry in my journal – this may be tough but I am determined and I like the idea of A Small Stone as suggested here. No matter how little or how much, just make an entry each day. Perhaps I shall put an entry in my blog each day instead. I’ll have to see what works best for me.

Go for a walk twice a week – I need to get some exercise into my life. I am not keen on gyms – they do nothing for me. I’d rather be in the great outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and filling my lungs with fresh air.

Pray/meditate twice a week – I always feel better when my spirit is being fed and I am in tune with God. I have neglected this practice for I don’t know how long now. And praying in church is not quite the same as praying in solitude.

Read at least one chapter of the bible each day.

Something else I have decided to start doing (when the detox is over) is  make my own bread. I have dug my bread maker out from the back of my kitchen cupboard and put it out on the counter in preparation. I used to make my own bread 3 years ago – the bread maker was new, it was wonderful to have the house filled with the smell of freshly baking/baked bread and it was exciting to see the finished product but then, invariably, the novelty wore off. Same way the juicer, waffle maker, steamer, pop corn maker get buried in the kitchen appliances graveyard – I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Oooh, sounds like a tall order but I’m determined. Bring it on July!


Blogger boliyou said...

This is a great idea! I believe I'll take a page from your book and start the second half of the year off with some short-term goals.

Thanks for the great link to the 10 creative daily habits. I shall try to incorporate those too.

Friday, June 30, 2006  
Anonymous hundred and one said...

You're very welcome :-)

Friday, June 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very inspiring...

Saturday, July 01, 2006  

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