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101 Things in 1001 Days: Feeling Richer for Sunday Scribblings

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Feeling Richer for Sunday Scribblings

Sunday is the richest day of my week. Not because, as a Christian, it’s the day I go to church to worship and replenish my flagging Spirit, but because it’s the day I connect with bloggers the world over – reading about their thoughts, hopes, aspirations, experiences and general take on life. I am of course, talking about the Sunday Scribblings ‘project’. Is project the right word for it? For me it’s become sort of weekly therapy.

From Thursday morning I keep clicking on the SS link that I have on my blog and I hold my breath as it downloads the page, wondering if the weeks prompt is up. And when I do find it up, my (mostly) immediate response is ‘I don’t have clue what to write about!’. But slowly, a thought drops in and becomes an idea, and my mind begins to flesh it out – gradually filling in the gaps. Some thoughts are dismissed almost as soon as they introduce themselves - either because they are too raw and I am not ready to share them or because I am just not feeling the idea I have in my head. That’s something I have come to learn about myself. If I am not feeling it then my writing becomes shallow and a bit of a struggle – a hurriedly put together affair.

Through the weekly prompts I have been forced to dig deep within myself and discover things about myself I never knew were there. Or perhaps I did but just never gave them much thought. Some prompts have provoked only a light hearted response from me but some of them have caused me to explore dark areas of my life which I have pushed deep down inside and glossed over shabbily with a thin coat of perceived strength. These are areas I now know require only the right nudge (or prompt in this case) to bring them all bubbling up to the surface again.

But what has surprised me the most is that I have stuck with it from the very beginning – missing only one prompt ‘Thief’ (the idea still lurks - like an alien waiting to burst out of my belly its been gnawing away at me so I know I cannot ignore it). I didn’t think I would stick with it for this long. I thought it would end up like one of the many projects I start (or join in with) only to discard a few weeks/months down the line. SS has become an old friend now, one I look forward to meeting up with for a cup of coffee and a chat once a week and one I would be loathe to stand up.


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