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101 Things in 1001 Days: 'Baby Stepping' my 101 list

Monday, April 24, 2006

'Baby Stepping' my 101 list

So here I am once again casting a critical eye over my 101 list and thinking hmmm.... No, I am not about to alter it yet again but what I realised was missing was a STRATEGY for achieving the things on my list. So today, I sat down and chunked my list into baby steps which hopefully will lead me to sucessful completion thereof. I haven't done it for every item listed, just a few of them. Funny, but breaking them down into little bits gives me the illusion of them being more obtainable.


1. Eat two pieces of fruit a day

a. make a list of the fruits I want to eat each day.
b. Cross off when done
c. Try something new

2. Join a Pilates class

a. check local listings for classes
b. Book a class

3. Go for a walk twice a week

a. determine the best time to walk: a.m.
b. rotate the days each week
c. plan a route

5. Detox every other month

a. months will be 28 days
b. first detox commences April 21 – May 19
 2nd July 1 – 28
 3rd September 1 – 28
 4th November 1 – 28
c. Set new dates at end of year
d. Draw of a daily menu

6. Drink 2 Evian sized bottles of water a day

a. Buy said bottle
b. Keep in a position of high visibility
c. Start the day with a glass of water
d. End the day with a glass of water
e. Keep bottle of water beside my bed at night


7. Listen to one sermon tape a week

a. make a list of my tapes
b. chunk them into tapes for the month (i.e 4 tapes per month)
c. Take notes when listening
d. Don’t just listen, ACT
e. Tick off list when done

8. Listen to two motivational CD’s a month

a. make a list of CD’s
b. chunk them into CD’s for the month
c. Take notes when listening
d. Don’t just listen, ACT
e. Tick off list when done

9. Read Bible from cover to cover

a. Pick a reading plan
b. Decide what time of the day works best for me
c. Tools – prayer journal, highlighter, concordance


13. Learn to build a website

a. Start with frontpage
b. Order MS step by step Frontpage
c. Search WWW for ideas and inspiration


19. Learn about stocks, shares and investing

a. Read Books
b. Buy the Financial times (learn what all those numbers mean!!)
c. Search WWW for info
d. Join an investment club
e. Get a mentor or someone who knows their way around the money market

21. Find two alternative sources of income

a. make a list of all my talents
b. Determine which two are my strongest and would enjoy turning into a money making venture.
c. What am I passionate about?

FAMILY – daughter

23. Swimming classes

a. Call up a swimming group and enrol her
b. Visit swim baths to assess them first (and their trainer)

24. 1 Hr uninterrupted play time

a. think of activities and games that will engage her (see if there are any books on games to play with toddlers that hold their attention for more than 10 minutes!!)
b. Switch off TV
c. Ditto PC
d. Visit the park
e. Wacky warehouse
f. Trips to the library

25. Cut down on TV viewing

a. Make a note of the programmes she loves to watch and their times and limit her to only those ones. Repeats not included!
b. See #24

26. Enrol her in a ballet class

a. Get contact # from R
b. Call up ballet class and arrange a visit
c. What’s their criteria?

FAMILY – Husband

28. Go out on a date every other month

a. Mark off dates in my calendar (plus the main one in kitchen!)
b. Plan dates: Movies, dinner, walks etc (other ideas welcome…)
c. Arrange babysitter (what are the options)


32. Membership @ Botanical Gardens

a. complete application form, write cheque and send off!!


42. Start off Olivegirlthings

a. Cut out bag patterns and sew
b. Research the marketing and sales thereof.
c. ‘How to’s’ of setting up an online business
d. Payment methods – look into


77. Write at least one poem/article/piece of something a week

a. make a list of ideas/topics that speak to me
b. write on them without thinking – edit later
c. Stick to my daily journaling and morning pages to loosen up my mind
d. look around me for inspiration


Blogger Jeri said...

It sounds like a good plan. Baby steps are the way to go. Good luck to you.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006  
Blogger JOT said...

I have my own online business in the UK. If you would like some free advice/help please get in touch. My email is jotsspot@btinternet.com.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006  
Blogger Onada said...

girl!!! i'm with you with the fruit and water plan..been trying to drink more water!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006  
Blogger Onada said...

so i got inspired and started creating my 101 list! i'm pretty excited about this. I will post it to a blog and let you know once i do it.! i love you new header on your pilgrimage to self blog. I'm working on creating a nice one for my blog as well. You've been very inspiring in a lot of ways, just wanted to let you know!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Shannon (Sentimental) said...

You have some very achievable goals there. Good luck!

Friday, April 28, 2006  

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