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101 Things in 1001 Days: December 2006

Sunday, December 31, 2006


I am sure I have heard it said somewhere, and I quote very loosely, that ‘…it is not in the destination, it is in the journey.’ I couldn’t agree more.

The word destination has a finality about it and to reach ones destination - either of a goal, a dream, an aspiration or a long nursed hope – suggests that you have reached the end, there is no place left to go. This frightens me – the thought of having no place left to go, no more options open to me. Fini, Ende, Period.

Ah, but a journey – the word alone suggests wonder, discovery, experimentation, exploration, venturing into the unknown. It signifies growth, learning, change.

I realise now that I never want to reach a destination. Sure I want to work towards something, but I never want that something to come to an end. I want my life to be one endless journey – going down mysterious roads, falling over, picking myself up, trying out new things, making changes, realizing those changes don’t work, then making new changes.

And for this reason, I have determined that for 2007 I shall not be making any resolutions. Resolutions are all about reaching destinations – lose 30lbs by March, quit my job by August and so on, but imagine making 2007 one long journey of (self) discovery. So instead of saying lose 30lbs by March, you say try a new fruit, walk in the park more often, give olive oil a try and so forth. All new things to try but which, hopefully will lead you to your goal but in a creative, exploratory and fun way. Think about it.

May 2007 be YOUR year of exploration, discovery and wonder. May you never reach a destination.

Journey well…

Happy New Year everybody.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 203

1. Terrify :: me
2. Month :: calender
3. Throat :: deep (sorry! :-D)
4. Invasion :: of the body snatchers
5. Nail :: biting
6. 12 :: inch
7. Bicker :: family
8. Thomas :: the tank engine
9. Sibling :: rivialry
10. Delude :: yourself



It was really uncanny when I saw this weeks’ prompt because on Thursday morning as I stood underneath the shower I made a promise to myself. In 2007, I promised, I shall not make any resolutions rather; it will be my year of Change. I will not have a long list of things which I tick off along the way instead, I shall effect small but important changes which will have a significant impact on and in my life over the next 12 months.

You see, I never quite fulfill my resolutions, and on the 31st of each year they stare at me accusingly from off the page on which I had written them 365days prior. I feel guilty, I feel annoyed, I feel like I have failed… yet again. I am tired of feeling like this every years end.

The one question I ask myself as 2007 looms is - Which habits do I need to change to move me one step further to where I want to be?

I shall not resolve to lose 10kg before the end of March but I will change my eating habits by taking one less bread roll or walking to the grocery store instead of hopping into the car for the 2 minute drive.

I shall not resolve to read the Bible in a year but I will change the way I read it – reading one chapter only a day and if it takes me 3 years to finish it, then I would have accomplished my mission.

You see, my life does not need resolutions, it need Change. A Change in my habits, a Change in the way I view life (no, the universe is not out to get me), a Change in the way I perceive myself and my abilities, a Change in the way I deal with people, a Change in my personal relationships and my relationship with God, a Change in my thinking.

And these changes cannot be achieved in one year – which (mainly) is the deadline for the achievement of resolutions. Change takes time. It’s taken almost 37 years to make me what I am today, so what makes me think I can undo the person I have become in just one year?

So I raise my glass to change and echo the words of Oprah who says

Making a different choice gives you the opportunity to live a different life.

Happy New Year in advance everyone!




Fine lines proudly worn

Feathery patterns of life

My road maps of time


Perfect medium rare steak

Bite into it chomp down, bliss

Crunch! Just lost a tooth


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Grey green restless sea
Was your final resting place
A watery grave

This Haiku has been written for a friend of mine who drowned at sea.
The high winds whistle
Leaves show their underbellies
A fragile refuge

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Many Thanks

Thank you to everyone who left comments asking after my health. I’m really touched by your concern.

I have had a very rough 7/8 weeks – fatigue, morning sickness and general lethargy. As a result of this, my creative juices are just not what they used to be. On the days I don’t work, I lie around the house reading trashy magazines as that’s all my brain seems to be able to absorb at the moment, much to my hubby’s disapproval. I have really missed taking part in Sunday Scribblings and I could almost cry as no ideas pop into my head as I read the weeks’ prompt.

I am now 13 weeks pregnant and the nausea still doesn’t seem to be letting up. I am getting really fed up with it as I have always prided myself on being a very up-and-go-never-sick sort of person. So being in this state has really left me in a very unfamiliar place. I am hoping, as all the books tell me, that in the next couple of weeks I will be back to my normal self and I can start to actually enjoy my pregnancy.

I honestly didn’t realise that I’d being away for this long – the time has really flown by. Although I only leave the occasional comment, I do  visit all your blogs on an almost daily basis. Reading what’s going on in your lives keeps me upbeat and connected. I promise not to stay away for so long. Blessings…